Dee was born, raised, and resides in Vancouver BC. If she were an animal, she would be a panda. If she had to live off of sushi all her life, she’d totally be content. Dee’s a left-hander with a right-thinking brain and has had a creative touch since childhood. Combined with an active mind always brewing new ideas, Sagittarius tendencies, and diverse interests, it’s no surprise that she embodies the characteristics of a multipotentialite.

In 2011, After years of working in hospitals, coffee shops, and agencies, her passion for innovative nail artistry sparked a desire to start her own business where she was able to build her name: #DeeNailArtist. Opportunities to work with industry leaders and nail brands eventually led her to pursue her new love for digital & social media marketing.

In 2015, Dee utilized her experiences in her role as a Social Media Manager for John Casablancas Institute, a renowned makeup, fashion, hair, and esthetics school.  Although creating brand awareness and engagement was a priority, she felt her purpose was greater than that. Her motivation truly lied in helping students prosper in their passion. From orchestrating social media workshops, helping build their online presence, to teaching outside of work hours, Dee simply wanted to inspire students to use social media to reach their goals.

“People are my passion. Learning about their story and what drives them, drives me.”

With The PNW Connect, Dee hopes to:

  • inspire others of The PNW with stories of the PNW movers and shakers.
  • share and showcase the best of the PNW community.
  • create conversation and initiate collaboration within the PNW community.