img_3703Planning a road trip across the Canadian/USA border? Here’s our checklist (or a list of reminders for you seasoned PNW travellers) of things to bring and things do before you hit the road:

1. Fill ‘er up
Don’t be that fool idling with an almost empty tank of gas at the border crossing lineup.. Fill up your tank, you know you’re going to need it!

2. Triple check that you have your passport or nexus passpassport-933051_960_720
Common sense, we know, but you know what sucks? Driving 50 miles, reaching the border, and realizing you left your passport on your dresser.. It’s happened. Trust us.

3. Pack a snack
Whatever snack you pack, just make sure it ain’t produce (fruits & vegetables are mostly prohibited to cross the borders – refer to the cbsa website for more info). Grab protein-packed goodies that’ll keep you full throughout the drive. Almonds? Granola bars? Screw it, just grab that pack of gummies.

4. Exchange your money
Head to your bank or local currency office and exchange your cash. Credit cards are of course accepted across borders, but it may be convenient to have some foreign currency on you!

image1-35. Make up a playlist
Make a playlist or a variety of music to keep you going. Got Apple Music? Make sure you download your songs onto your device, especially for all you Canadians with barely any data.. Americans, consider yourselves lucky to have limitless amount of data. Speaking of data..

6. Get a phone plan
Nobody wants to get stuck with a $80 roaming phone charges for 5 text messages and a quick browse through Instagram.. Get yourself a Roam Mobility plan which costs no more than $6 a day for data, texts, and phone calls for Canadians in America and week-long plans starting at $5.00/day for Americans in Canada. 


packed-suitcase7. Pack like a PNW-er
We all know the Weather Channel likes to tease us PNW-ers.. Leave an umbrella in your trunk, pack a jacket, keep a few pairs of different shoes for all weathers in your car.. Whether you’re away for a night or week, prepare yourself for rain, sun, wind, maybe even snow..

Contributor: Denise Escalante

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